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The Short Story

Short Story Literature Review Units

Short Story - Random Selection

    Short Story Review (one short story unit randomly selected)

Easier Stort Story Literature Units

James Fenimore Cooper    The Eclipse
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle    The Adventure of the Copper Beeches
The Brothers Grimm    The Adventures of Aladdin
O. Henry    After Twenty Years
Rudyard Kipling    How the Camel Got His Hump

   How The Leopard Got His Spots
Guy de Maupassant    The Vendetta
Mark Twain    The Californian's Tale

High School Level Stort Story Literature Units

H.H. Munro (Saki)    The Mouse

   Sredni Vashtar
Louisa May Alcott    A Country Christmas

   Kitty's Class Day

   How I Went Out to Service

   Scarlet Stockings

   A Modern Cinderella Or, The Little Old Shoe

   May Flowers
Thomas Bailey Aldrich    The Cruise of the Dolphin
Julia Alvarez    The Daughter of Invention
Hans Christian Andersen    The Little Mermaid
Sherwood Anderson    The Egg


   The Strength of God

   I Want to Know Why

   The Dumb Man



   The Other Woman
Lucius Apuleius    Cupid and Psyche
Stephen Vincent Benet    The Devil and Daniel Webster

   By the Waters of Babylon
Ambros Bierce    My Favourite Murder
Ambrose Bierce    Present at a Hanging

   A Horseman in the Sky

   Beyond the Wall

   The Boarded Window


   One Summer Night

   One Of The Missing

   What I Saw of Shiloh

   An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
Paul Bowles    In the Red Room
Ray Bradbury    All Summer in a Day

   There Will Come Soft Rains

   The Utterly Perfect Murder

   The Pedestrian
Truman Capote    A Christmas Memory
Raymond Carver    Everything Stuck to Him
Willa Cather    Paul's Case

   A Wagner Matinee

   The Sculptor's Funeral

   A Death in the Desert


   The Burglar's Christmas

   The Garden Lodge
Anton Chekhov    The Bet

   The Schoolmistress

   The Shoemaker and the Devil

   The Lady with the Little Dog

   A Story Without a Title


   A Father

   Difficult People

   Old Age


   The Looking-Glass

   A Joke

   Small Fry

   The Student

   About Love

   A Dead Body

   A Bad Business

   Expensive Lessons

   A Classical Student

   A Happy Man

   A Misfortune

   The Doctor

   The Beggar




   A Transgression


   Easter Eve

   A Lady's Story

   The Cossack

   A Pink Stocking



   The Runaway


   An Upheaval

   A Trivial Incident

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov    A Day in the Country

   A Slander
Charles W. Chesnutt    The Sheriff's Children
Kate Chopin    A Pair of Silk Stockings

   The Storm

   The Locket

   A Reflection

   A Respectable Woman

   Desiree's Baby


   The Story of an Hour
Agatha Christie    Wasps' Nest
Richard Connell    The Most Dangerous Game
James Fenimore Cooper    The Lake Gun
Robert Cormier    The Mustache
Stephen Crane    A Mystery of Heroism

   A Desertion

   A Dark Brown Dog

   An Ominous Baby

   The Veteran
Roald Dahl    Lamb to the Slaughter

   The Landlady

   Beware of the Dog

   Man From the South
Fielding Dawson    The Vertical Fields
Charles Dickens    The Baron of Grogzwig

   The Poor Relation's Story

   Nobody's Story
Arthur Conan Doyle    His Last Bow
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle    Copper Beeches

   A Case of Identity

   The Adventure of the Speckled Band

   The Red-Headed League
Ralph Ellison    Battle Royal
William Faulkner    Barn Burning

   Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

   A Rose For Emily
Edna Ferber    Long Distance

   The Leading Lady

   The Three of Them

   The Eldest

   That's Marriage

   The Woman Who Tried to Be Good

   What She Wore

   The Kitchen Side of the Door


   Catching Up With Christmas

   Ain't Nature Wonderful!

   The Frog and the Puddle
Jack Finney    Of Missing Persons
F. Scott Fitzgerald    Bernice Bobs Her Hair

   Winter Dreams
Ambrose Flack    The Strangers That Came to Town
E. M. Forster    The Story of the Siren

   Mr. Andrews

   The Eternal Moment
James Anthony Froude    The Farmer and the Fox
Mona Gardner    The Dinner Party
Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell    The Old Nurse's Story
Elizabeth Gaskell    The Half-Brothers

   The Manchester Marriage
Charlotte Perkins Gilman    The Yellow Wallpaper
Graham Greene    The End of the Party
Edward Everett Hale    The Man without a Country
Thomas Hardy    Squire Petrick's Lady

   An Imaginative Woman
Bret Harte    The Luck of Roaring Camp

   The Outcasts of Poker Flat
Nathaniel Hawthorne    Dr. Heidegger's Experiment

   Young Goodman Brown

   The Birthmark

   Rappaccini's Daughter

   The Wives of the Dead

   The Ambitious Guest

   David Swan

   Mrs. Bullfrog

   The Great Carbuncle


   The Gray Champion


   Alice Doane's Appeal

   The Great Stone Face

   Ethan Brand

   The Minister's Black Veil
Ernest Hemingway    Soldier's Home

   The Killers

   In Another Country

   The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber

   The Old Man at the Bridge
O. Henry    The Ransom of Red Chief

   The Furnished Room

   The Green Door

   The Cop and the Anthem

   Last Leaf

   The Roads We Take

   The Coming-Out of Maggie

   Buried Treasure

   Memoirs of a Yellow Dog

   Springtime a la Carte

   Between Rounds

   The Princess and the Puma

   A Chaparral Prince

   The Hiding of Black Bill

   Hearts and Crosses

   A Blackjack Bargainer

   Transients in Arcadia

   The Skylight Room

   The Purple Dress

   Mammon and the Archer


   The Cactus

   Schools and Schools

   The Whirligig Of Life


   The Dog and the Playlet

   No Story

   Christmas by Injunction

   Proof of the Pudding

   What You Want

   An Unfinished Story

   The Call of the Tame

   Babes in the Jungle

   The Gold That Glittered

   The Unknown Quantity

   The Duel

   The Girl and the Habit

   A Municipal Report

   Compliments of the Season

   Psyche and the Pskyscraper

   The Fifth Wheel

   A Bird of Bagdad

   One Dollar's Worth

   A Chaparral Christmas Gift

   A Night in New Arabia

   Blind Man's Holiday

   The Gift of the Magi
Patrick Henry    Speech in the Virginia Convention
Edward D. Hoch    The Last Unicorns
Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffman    The Cremona Violin
Langston Hughes    Thank You, M'am
Evan Hunter    The Last Spin
James Hurst    The Scarlet Ibis
Washington Irving    The Devil and Tom Walker

   The Specter Bridegroom

   The Stout Gentleman

   Rip Van Winkle
Shirley Jackson    After You My Dear Alphonse

   The Lottery
W.W. Jacobs    Odd Man Out

   Bill's Lapse

   Admiral Peters

   Friends in Need

   Good Intentions


   Fairy Gold

   The Guardian Angel

   The Castaway

   For Better or Worse

   Double Dealing

   Her Uncle

   Captain Rogers

   Alf's Dream

   The Dreamer

   Lawyer Quince

   Sentence Deferred

   Manners Makyth Man

   A Tiger's Skin

   The Well

   Matrimonial Openings

   A Distant Relative

   The Toll-House

   A Circular Tour

   Angels' Visits

   Breaking a Spell

   A Love-Knot

   A Mixed Proposal

   The Monkey's Paw
Henry James    The Real Thing

   Turn of the Screw

   The Middle Years
Thomas Jefferson    Declaration of Independence
Jerome K. Jerome    A Ghost Story
Sarah Orne Jewett    A White Heron

   Decoration Day

   The White Rose Road
James Joyce    Clay


   The Dead

   After the Race

   An Encounter



   The Boarding House

   Two Gallants

   A Little Cloud
Franz Kafka    A Country Doctor
Yasunari Kawabata    The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket
Rudyard Kipling    Rikki-Tikki-Tavi

   The Man Who Would Be King

   The Man Who Was
Ring Lardner    Haircut

   The Golden Honeymoon
D.H. Lawrence    The Rocking Horse Winner
Doris Lessing    Through The Tunnel
Abraham Lincoln    Gettysburg Address

   The Emancipation Proclamation
Jack London    In a Far Country

   The God of His Fathers

   Aloha Oe

   The Sickness of Lone Chief

   When Alice Told Her Soul

   Brown Wolf

   When the World Was Young

   The League of the Old Men

   A Nose For the King

   Amateur Night

   All Gold Canyon

   To Build A Fire

   A Wicked Woman
Katherine Mansfield    The Stranger

   The Garden Party

   Miss Brill

   The Fly


   The Man Without A Temperament

   The Lady's Maid

   The Singing Lesson

   The Voyage

   The Young Girl

   An Ideal Family

   Bank Holiday

   Mr. and Mrs. Dove

   Her First Ball

   Marriage a la Mode

   The Little Girl

   Ole Underwood



   The Woman at the Store

   New Dresses

   Germans at Meat
Gabriel Garcia Marquez    Eyes of a Blue Dog

   One of These Days
Somerset Maugham    The Verger
Guy de Maupassant    A Ghost

   The Hand

   Friend Patience

   The Hairpin

   Two Friends

   The Donkey

   The Dowry

   The Wolf

   The Adopted Son


   A Father's Confession

   The Log


   At Sea

   The Terror

   The Kiss

   A Coward

   A Dead Woman's Secret



   The Unknown

   An Affair of State

   Mademoiselle Fifi

   A Cremation

   The Inn

   The Devil

   The Impolite Sex

   The Accursed Bread

   My Uncle Jules

   The Artist

   Countess Satan

   An Unfortunate Likeness

   The Diary of a Madman

   The Sequel to a Divorce

   Simon's Papa

   In Various Roles

   Was It a Dream?

   That Pig of a Morin


   The Hole


   The Christening

   A Family


   Lasting Love

   The Necklace
David McLean    Marine Corps Issue
Herman Melville    The Lightning-Rod Man

   The Piazza

   The Fiddler

   Bartleby, The Scrivener
Frank O'Connnor    The Drunkard
Flannery O'Connor    The Life You Save May Be Your Own

   A Good Man Is Hard To Find

   Everything that Rises Must Converge
Frank O'Connor    First Confession

   My Oedipus Complex
Liam O'Flaherty    The Sniper
James O'Keefe    Death Makes a Comeback
Joyce Carol Oates    Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?
George Orwell    Shooting an Elephant
Thomas Nelson Page    The Burial of the Guns
Grace Paley    Anxiety
Dorothy Parker    The Last Tea

   A Telephone Call
Edgar Allan Poe    The Fall of the House of Usher

   The Oval Portrait

   The Premature Burial

   The Man of the Crowd

   Hop-Frog or the Eight Chained Ourang-Outangs

   The Imp of the Perverse

   The Angel of the Odd

   The Black Cat

   The Pit and the Pendulum

   The Masque of the Red Death

   The Tell-Tale Heart

   The Cask of Amontillado
Edgar Allen Poe    The Purloined Letter
Katherine Anne Porter    The Jilting of Granny Weatherall
Horacio Quiroga    The Feather Pillow
Majorie K. Rawlings    A Mother in Mannville
A.M. Rosenthal    There Is No News from Auschwitz
Saki    The Interlopers

   The Storyteller



   The Byzantine Omelette

   The Background

   A Touch of Realism

   The Blind Spot

   The Bag

   A Defensive Diamond

   Shock Tactics

   Down Pens

   The Image of the Lost Soul

   The Wolves of Cernogratz

   The Penance

   The Baker's Dozen

   The Hounds of Fate

   Ministers of Grace



   The Music on the Hill



   The Hen

   A Bread and Butter Miss

   The Pond

   The Cobweb

   A Shot in the Dark

   Reginald on Worries

   The Quest

   The Threat


   The Holy War

   Quail Seed

   Cross Currents

   For the Duration of the War

   The Romancers

   Cousin Teresa






   The Guests

   Bertie's Christmas Eve

   The Open Window
Irwin Shaw    The Girls in their Summer Dresses
Robert Louis Stevenson    Markheim
Frank Stockton    The Griffin and the Minor Canon

   The Christmas Wreck
Frank R. Stockton    The Lady or the Tiger?
Harriet Beecher Stowe    The Ghost in the Mill
Jesse Stuart    Split Cherry Tree
Amy Tan    Rules of the Game
Dylan Thomas    A Child's Christmas in Wales
James Thurber    The Princess and the Tin Box

   The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Leo Tolstoy    How Much Land Does a Man Need?

   God Sees the Truth, But Waits

   Ivan the Fool

   What Men Live By, and other tales
Mark Twain    Luck

   A Telephonic Conversation

   Was it Heaven? Or Hell?

   The Captain's Story

   Eve's Diary

   Extracts from Adam's Diary

   The Five Boons of Life

   General Washington's Negro Body-Servant

   Edward Mills and George Benton: A Tale

   The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

   My First Lie and How I Got Out of It
Kurt Vonnegut    Harrison Bergeron
Alice Walker    Everyday Use
Booker T. Washington    Early Days at Tuskegee
H.G. Wells    The Star

   The Time Machine

   The Door in the Wall
Eudora Welty    A Worn Path
Edith Wharton    Afterward

   Souls Belated

   Roman Fever

   The Other Two
E.B. White    Once More to the Lake

   The Door
Oscar Wilde    The Selfish Giant

   The Young King

   The Sphinx Without a Secret

   The Devoted Friend

   The Remarkable Rocket

   The Nightingale and the Rose

   The Model Millionaire

   The Birthday of the Infanta

   The Canterville Ghost

   The Happy Prince
William Carlos Williams    The Use of Force
Thomas Wolfe    The Far and the Near

   The Lost Boy
Tobias Wolff    Hunters in the Snow
J. Taylor Wood    The Capture of a Slaver
Patrick Henry Woodward    A Formidable Weapon
Virginia Woolf    A Haunted House

   Kew Gardens

   The Mark on the Wall

   The Duchess and the Jeweller

   A Society

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